Daniel Radcliffe - PGA Professional | Personal Trainer & TPI Certifed

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As well as qualifying from the PGA training programme, Daniel has expanded his knowledge by attaining certifcation in TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) and the Level 2 degree in TrackMan. Daniel is extremely passionate about custom fitting and is always interested in testing the latest technology to see what features and benefits each manufacturer offer.

"Clubs are like shoes. It doesn't matter if they look the business, if they don't fit you wont buy them. It is crucial that anyone who is serious about playing golf and wants to improve has clubs that are tailored for them."



Daniel has introduced a brand new training programme. Inspired by TPI; it is designed to help golfers of all abilities assess their golfing body and to help the student understand how much their swing is influenced by their physical make-up.

"Efficiency beats style - It is great having a swing that is technically sound, but if you don't have a consistent ball flight.....what is the point?"


The Golfer’s Physical Screen (Head to Toe Screen) (45 Minutes) – £25

Daniel’s “Head to toe” screen involves 16 tests which look at fundamental movements of the muscles and joints. Once the screen is completed Daniel will talk you through the results, discuss what swing characteristics can be expected, what areas of the body are responsible and what can be developed to improve performance.

The Body and Swing Analysis (2 hours) - £90

We first complete the “Head to Toe” screen; next Daniel will do a swing, ball flight and equipment evaluation. This will involve video analysis of the swing, the TrackMan launch monitor capturing ball flight and swing data, plus an assessment of the length and lie of your clubs. 

The Tour Experience (3 hours) - £140

This is Daniel’s signature offer. It will involve the “Head to Toe” screen, the swing, ball flight and equipment evaluation; but the “Tour Experience” also includes a 6 hole on-course and mental game analysis.  If you want a complete mind, body and swing analysis; then the Tour Experience is what you need. 

For more information about the training programme or the TrackMan system then please contact Daniel via email on - proshop@sandmartins.com

Or if you want to learn more about what TPI is, then visit http://www.mytpi.com/


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“I enjoy using the latest technology in order to analyze golfers and optimize performance; in my opinion TrackMan is the best tool for the job. It allows the coach to illustrate how the golfer’s swing affects the ball flight in a way that the pupil can easily interpret and understand.”

All our coaches at Sand Martins use TrackMan at no extra cost during lessons, therefore if you want to have TrackMan analyzing your game; then speak to your Sand Martins Golf Professionals today. If you want to learn more about the benefits of TrackMan then visit http://trackmangolf.com/




30 Minute lessons

Adult - £30
Junior – £25

45 Minute lessons

Adult - £45

1 hour lessons

Adult - £60
Junior - £45



Course of 6 x 30 minute lessons £150 (normally £180)

Course of 6 x 45 minute lessons £225 (normally £270)

Course of 6 x 60 minute lessons £300 (normally £360) 


“I love golf … pure and simple. I want everyone to enjoy golf as much as I do; so if there is anything I can do to help you achieve your goals then I will do my best to ensure that happens.”