Custom Fitting - Studio with Trackman Technology

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Our PGA Professionals are expert coaches and their experience in helping golfers improve their technique is an essential element in custom fitting clubs correctly.  Regardless of your ability custom fitted clubs can help you to hit straighter and more consistent shots.  By matching the proper club specifications to your swing, our trained staff can help reduce or eliminate undesirable shot patterns, like hooks and slices, allowing you to play closer to your full potential and making the game more enjoyable. And surprisingly, custom fitted clubs don't cost any more or take any longer to build.

All fitting sessions take place in our new 'state of the art' fitting studio hitting balls out on to our grass driving range,using the latest technology in ball and club measuring equipment.

TrackMan Launch Monitor

The TrackMan radar unit tracks the trajectory of your golf ball from launch to landing. The ability to measure the full ball flight is essential to produce the highest quality data.

Using TrackMan our experts will have a precise picture of what the club is doing during the swing and at impact. With this information, we can recommend the right equipment to help you play better golf - by optimising your launch angle, swing speed, smash factor and spin rate.

The technology used is called doppler radar and has been widely used in military applications to track missiles and projectiles since the 1960s.

Our motto is - " Ball Flight is King"

Our promise -

  1. CHOICE - we are authorised and trained to offer a custom fit service for the major club manufacturers Ping, Titleist, TaylorMade and Callaway.
  2. FITTING - by PGA Professionals who are experts in fitting technique.
  3. PRICE - it’s a competitive market place and we are constantly checking our prices against our competitors, both locally and on the internet.
  4. AFTER CARE SERVICE - something we pride ourselves on. If you have a problem, we promise to deal with it promptly.

Top quality products combined with a professional service ensure that your equipment is tailor-made to meet your individual requirements.

How does it work?

A fitting session varies depending on what we are fitting, we take careful measurements and readings to find the correct loft, lie, length and shaft flex for you. It is carried out in our 'state of the art' fitting studio which allows us to measure the improvement in the flight of the ball giving you a true feeling for the clubs performance. Have a look at what services we provide here:


How do I book a custom fit?

Appointments are available seven days a week and can be booked by calling the Golf Shop on 0118 9770265 or by emailing