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Member Reviews

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Read what some of our members say about the Club

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"There is always something going on socially and the atmosphere is great. The course is tremendous and having played most of the local and not so local clubs around we can say that, in our minds, it is the best around." - Mark and Julie Jones - 7 Day Joint Members 


"The course and greens are in superb condition even with the severe weather conditions at times, and the pro shop and club house staff are always very friendly and helpful."- Raza Rubbani - 7 Day Intermediate Member 





Corporate Membership

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Treat your customers to a game of golf at an impressive venue

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With a wide selection of options, a Corporate membership at Sand Martins enables you to entertain guests and play golf at a top quality venue - what better way to build lasting relationships with your clients.

Our Bearer Card scheme is the perfect vehicle to help team build or to reward your staff .

Named Card - allows one named player unrestricted 7 day membership, entry in to competitions and access to a handicap.

Bearer Card - allows one tee time for up to four people per day anytime Monday - Friday and after 12 noon at weekends and Bank Holidays. There is no restriction on who you allow to use your Bearer Card.  

Golf Days - one golf day each year with complimentary green fees for your guests (dependent on the category of membership you choose). Food, drink and other services are chargeable. 16, 24 and 32 guest options available. 

Free weekday use of our meeting and conference facilities up to six times a year. 

Corporate membership is available in both 7 & 5 day options and combines a variety of the above benefits to suit your individual requirements. 

GOLD CORPORATE -  2 Named Cardholders and 1 Bearer Card.
Golf Day for 32 guests

Golf Day for 24 guests

BRONZE CORPORATE - 1 Named Cardholder and 1 Bearer Card
Golf Day for 16 guests




Membership Categories

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Sand Martins offers a variety of membership options 

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All categories of golf membership enjoy unlimited free range balls on our extensive practice facilities. 

7 Day Individual - for full access to the course and facilities, seven days a week.

5 Day Individual - allows full access to the course and facilities midweek (excluding Bank Holidays).

Joint 5 & 7 Day - available to couples living at the same address.  A 12.5% discount on the cost of two individual memberships.

Intermediate 5 & 7 Day (27-30) & (31-40)* – discounted memberships for the both the under 30's and under 40's. Sand Martins recognises the need to keep golfers with young families and busy working lives in full golf club membership. Our intermediate fees are discounted by up to 50% on the full subscription.

Academy Membership - designed to offer new golfers an introduction to golf and golf club membership. This category is aimed at newcomers to the game or lapsed players who are looking to return to golf after an extended absence. In all cases it is the goal of the Academy that members will have achieved a level of proficiency, enjoyment and interest in the game, which will support a transfer to full membership in twelve months or less.

Colt Membership (22-26)* - we believe that young golfers should be encouraged to keep playing the game and our Colt category is affordably priced to allow you to do just that.

Junior Membership (U14) & (15-21)* - we are committed to growing the game from the grass roots and our juniors enjoy structured development coaching through our junior academy programme. They also have the opportunity to play competitively in regular stroke play events and team competitions.Junior fees are discounted by 50% for children of full individual 5 & 7 day members. Junior membership is complimentary for children of full 5 & 7 day joint members of the Club.

Social Membership - enjoy the clubhouse as your local social spot for lunches, evening meals or just a drink in the sunshine. Social membership allows you to be part of members events that take place.

* Proof of age required. 


Shareholder (Investor) Membership

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Sand Martins Golf Club changed ownership in June 2005, when the Club was purchased by Andrew Hall and a number of members who invested in equity shareholdings of the Club.

In creating a unique scheme, Andrew and his members' consortium joined forces in what is believed to be the first joint management and membership buy-out in UK golf.

Shareholders receive a return on their investment in the form of a discount on the annual subscriptions and enjoy a number of other generous benefits which are listed below. Shareholdings are available to existing members and anyone who approaches the company for information when applying for membership.  


  • Shares are priced at £2,000 each and members may purchase up to a maximum of 20 shares. 

  • Shareholders receive a £100 discount on their annual membership subscriptions per share held. 

  • Shareholder members may invite one guest to play (per day) at a reduced green fee rate of £9; additional guests will pay the members guest greenfee rate.

  • Shareholder members receive an extra uplift on the bar tariff (on top of the normal 5%). The extra uplift also applies to any top ups made during the year.

  • The Club holds an annual shareholders golf day. 

If you would like more information about shareholder membership of the Club please contact our Managing Director, Andrew Hall on 0118 902 9964 or email



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Belong to a club where members come first

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Joining a Club


If you are considering joining a golf club or interested in learning to play the game, we believe choosing Sand Martins will be the best decision you ever make. 


Deciding to join a Club used to be, and at some venues still is, a daunting proposition. At Sand Martins we work extremely hard at taking the stress out of the welcome process with our innovative integration policy.


Apart from our excellent benefits of membership, you will meet many like-minded people who will help you to become fully included in all aspects of the Club – it is our reputation of being an extremely social and welcoming Club that makes the whole experience so rewarding.


Our Philosophy


We recognise that golfers in the local area have many alternative clubs and facilities to choose from, with many offering low cost options and no commitment entry in to membership - often these clubs have no clear long term plans for improving their course and facilities.


The Sand Martins’ philosophy is very different, ours is one of continuous investment, both in our product and our staff, ensuring that our members enjoy the very best in facilities and service levels at their Club – it is this ongoing commitment that has made Sand Martins the ‘Club of Choice’ in the local area.


As you would expect from a Club of quality we do have a joining fee, which we believe to be the member’s commitment to our philosophy, where you can be confident that it will be reinvested in continuous improvements to both the course and clubhouse facilities – in short we are looking for members who appreciate our values, quality of service and want to be part of our Club. 


By strictly limiting the numbers in all categories, our members enjoy a high level of exclusivity and experience a number of benefits you will not find at other clubs in the local area. One being our loyalty discount scheme, which rewards their support of the Club with a 1% discount off their subscriptions for each year of continuous membership. 


Ours is a Club focused on membership and does not look to overcrowd the course with corporate and society golf. We strictly limit the amount of golf day bookings we allow at the Club - here at Sand Martins our members come first. 


Our members enjoy -

  • Free balls on our extensive driving range and practise facilities.
  • Covered bays to practise in when the weather is inclement and access to a state of the art club fitting and coaching studio.
  • The ability to book their tee times and enter competitions on line.
  • Free access to our second club, The Lambourne, Burnham, Buckinghamshire (full adult categories only).
  • A welcoming Clubhouse and Halfway House with an excellent food & beverage service - available seven days a week.    


Join our Waiting List and secure a Membership place for April 2021 - Become a Temporary Member whilst on our Waiting List


We have recently launched a fantastic waiting list offer - please use the link below to request further information