The past twelve months has seen the owners continue to reinvest heavily in to the course and facilities, furthering their wish to take Sand Martins to the next level and create a Club of true quality.   

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Golf Course Improvements Wokingham
Great quality golf course in Wokingham
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The Club has recently updated its Five Year Plan of course improvements (first introduced in 2012) to be carried out on the golf course. Many of the items listed on the original plan have been now been successfully completed, which included the construction of covered bays on the driving range and state of the art performance & club fitting studio.

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The recent additions to the plans are designed to continue the process of upgrading the course and taking it to the next level. The owners remain totally committed to their aim to  create a club of lasting quality for the enjoyment of its members. In fact it is only with the support of our members that we have been able to carry out the works to date; their continued support in helping the owners in their quest for excellence is greatly appreciated.

The original plan was drawn up with the help of a team of golf course specialists which included the golf course architect, Alan Leather.  Alan's continued input and experience has been sought in updating the plans for the next five-year period to enable us to meet our aims and objectives.

Key objectives:

To improve course appearance, playability, interest, drainage and safety
To further enhance the character of the course.
To adopt “best practice” to improve course maintenance. 

General amendments:

The principle areas to be worked on are:

Installation of “Back to Back” sprinklers around the greens to achieve 360-degree water coverage, thereby enhancing the grass coverage to all greenside surrounds.
Over seed roughs and mounding on back nine holes with mixture of rye and fescue grasses.
Introduce new areas of planting.
New tee furniture.
Formation of sleeper entrances to tees
Refurbishment of bunkers

Specific amendments:

Driving Range
Construct a new purpose built covered driving range building to incorporate a specialist teaching & club fitting studio containing the very latest in technology.

Practice Area
Rebuild the Pitching Green and its approach including effective drainage