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Sand Martins Development 2023

1st May 2023

Following the receipt of contractor quotations and a thorough review from the project team, information was submitted to the club’s owners, Jeffrey & Hillary, for their thoughts and instruction, as previously explained in past correspondences.

I can now inform you that a decision has been made with regards to the club’s development plan. Jeffrey & Hillary have given me instruction to proceed with constructing the new Greenkeeping building and compound, located to the left of the 2nd hole, the entire car park (with additional parking), install the infrastructure (service supply and drainage) to allow for the provision for the development of the clubhouse.

I have also been instructed to begin the process of designing our new members’ clubhouse and restaurant, it is our owners’ wish to enhance and improve member facilities.

Preparations have begun for the above to proceed, although, at this stage there remains no scheduled start date. It is very likely to be towards the end of 2023 before any construction begins, I will provide details once confirmed.

The reduced plans will result in far less construction traffic for the upgrade of the car park. The greenkeeping development will be accessed via Evendons Lane once access has been established.

Jeffrey & Hillary have advised that they have no plans to proceed with construction of accommodation facilities and to construct the venue building as designed, the reason for this, in short, is due to the current financial and economic climate. We are investigating the possibility of just a barn style function space positioned in the same area (without hotel rooms).

I am delighted with this instruction, and I am confident this will enhance the club and is the first stage in providing first class facilities for members.

Implementation of both planning permissions means that the clubhouse & restaurant, and function building is secured in perpetuity – we are not then bound by any time restrictions.

As a matter of interest, without this work, our planning permissions would both expire in 2024, with the Greenkeeper Building and Compound consent expiring on 23rd June 2024, the Venue Building, Car Park, and Clubhouse consent expiring on 2nd September 2024.

Preparation of the sites

During our planning application process, it was discovered that Great Crested Newts (GCN’s) are present here at Sand Martins, GCN’s are a protected species in the U.K and in order for construction work to begin it is a requirement by law that they are safely moved and kept out of the build areas.

I have produced an article explaining the process required to facilitate this, please click here to find out more about these creatures and the ‘Newt Fence’ that will be installed in June this year.

Jeffrey & Hillary were very clear in their instruction to me that they wish to develop and enhance Sand Martins core first and foremost, providing the very best for our members, we are very fortunate to have the owners that we do, and I am delighted with this plan.

Kind regards

Matthew Short
General Manager 

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